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Our Mission Statement

The Public Relations section’s responsibility includes assuring that the message that is presented within the walls of Good Shepherd Baptist Church extends outward to the community.  This includes promotion of church and ministry-sponsored events through media (church branding, newsletter, church management systems, social media platform, church website, radio and television), visual, verbal and written communications, marketing of video and audio media, thereby encouraging a positive presentation of Good Shepherd Baptist Church and its mission.

 Why PR? So that we can catalog and keep a pictorial history of church activities and events.

Opportunities: There is a great opportunity for you to utilize your photographic, creative, and organizational skills while watching God’s people at work and at play.

Our Goals

To strengthen the Church’s image.

To meet the public relations needs of the Church and Pastor.

To communicate the Church’s teachings, activities and accomplishments.

To provide accurate news, events and other information about the Church.

To coordinate the Church’s communications.

To contribute time, talent and other resources to the Church Ministries for its continued spiritual growth and vitality to deliver the highest levels of professionalism.

How do I work with the PR Ministry?

In order to work with the Public Relations Team, a “Public Relations Request Form” must be completed and returned to us in a timely manner. God has blessed the Public Relations Ministry with a staff of creative and innovative people that can work closely with each ministry in publicizing their respective events.  We assist you with the following:

Article Writing/Press Releases

Photography, & Video Editing

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and (Church Video Announcements)

Advertising / Sales

Digital Announcer

Fliers and/or Posters