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Service Times: 7:45am & 11:00am
1714 Olive Road Augusta, GA 30903
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Good Shepherd Baptist Church
1714 Olive Road
Augusta, GA 30903
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Certificate of Progress Program
(COPP) – For Christian Education Diploma

The Good Shepherd Bible Academy is a nationally accredited Christian Leadership School under the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. All persons interested in applying for the COPP course program should meet with the Bible Academy Dean to receive a COPP brochure and the specific policies and procedures regarding the application process.

Objectives of the COPP Program

1. To increase biblical knowledge.
2. To create an understanding of the Baptist Church.
3. To provide an educational structure that will develop candidates qualified for leadership and teaching positions.
4. To provide incentives for the candidate to complete the program and earn a Diploma of Christian
Education from the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.
5. To produce trained church leaders.

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BRIEF HISTORY: The Good Shepherd Baptist Church Bible Academy is a Christian Leadership School that was initiated in 1999 under the leadership of Pastor Clarence Moore. Sis. Roberta J. Hatcher serves as the dean and the Christian Education Committee serves as the Board of Trustees. The Sunday School Publishing Board of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. certifies the Bible Academy and the instructors. The purpose of the Bible Academy is to provide Bible-based and life enriching courses to individuals within the church and the community. Currently, there are 14 certified courses available. Persons who satisfactorily complete the courses receive certificates during a school-closing program. An individual may earn a Christian Education diploma from the Sunday School Publishing Board by completing the specified courses.??

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide Bible courses and training activities that will help believers develop into mature Christians whose learning results in responsible living.??

. Classes available for adults and teenagers in the community. ?
2. Annual community-wide Bible Academy open house and orientation program.?
3. Annual community-wide school closing program?
4. Provide consultations regarding Bible-based issues?
5. Publicize courses through various media outlets??

Adults and teenagers are encouraged to enroll in the Bible Academy in order to be equipped to carry out Jesus’ command for us to “study to show ourselves approved unto God.” The Bible Academy is open to church members and the general public. Everyone is welcome. ??

REGISTRATION: The Bible Academy usually offers courses during the fall and spring semesters. Interested persons may contact the church office at (706) 733-0341 for further information regarding the dates for course registration or to speak with the dean.