Good Shepherd Baptist Church originated from a club called Neighborhood Union Club No. 2. This club was organized with a major concern for the sick and needy. Several years later Sister Essie Mae McIntyre joined the club. Deacon Frank Bunch served as the president of the club for nine years. Under his leadership, the club was organized into a church called Good Shepherd. The church was organized on the first Monday night, April, 1940. The very first service was held on the second Sunday, April, 1940, in a house located on Meadow Street followed by the first revival in May, 1940. Reverend Essie Mae McIntyre was elected as its first pastor. Initially, the church was nondenominational because Rev. McIntyre was not licensed to preach. Eventually, the Rev. McIntyre and members were able to buy land on Sunset Avenue, now named Essie Mae McIntyre Blvd. in her honor, for the building of a new church. The land was paid for within six months. That site was the church’s home until it moved to the present location at 1714 Olive Road in July 2000.

Rev. McIntyre served as pastor of Good Shepherd for 46 years. Reverend Clarence Moore was installed as the second pastor in the history of the church in 1986. Good Shepherd Baptist Church has more than 36 ministries that are holistic in their approach to service. The Music Ministry is dynamic with choirs for ages 3 years and up. Two worship services are held each Sunday in a 1,500 seat sanctuary. In addition, the chapel has a 500 seat capacity. Weekly worship services are available on Youtube, Facebook, CD and DVD. Persons without transportation may utilize the church’s Van Ministry for transportation to either service.